Luana Bontempo

Luana Bontempo is a researcher at Fondazione Edmund Mach (Italy), where she is currently the Head of the Traceability Unit. She graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Padua (2001). Subsequently, she got a post-graduated specialization degree in Chemical Methodologies for Survey and Analysis at the University of Padua (2004) and a PhD in Food Sciences at the University of Udine (2011). Her current research activity is mainly focused on developing analytical methods for applying stable isotope ratio analysis to characterize and trace along the production chain many foodstuffs, in particular products of high value (e.g. Geographical Indication’s products). Recently she is also developing methods for applying stable isotope ratios to ecology (i.e. bird migration, ungulates trophic niche). She has published more than 70 ISI papers.