Urška Blaznik

Curriculum vitae: 1988-1993 BSc Chemistry (University of Ljubljana), 2010-2015 PhD Biomedicine (medical faculty, University of Ljubljana). Employment: 1993-2006 Regional Institute of Public Health Kranj, 2006 on National Institute of Public Health, Environmental Health and Analysis and Development of Health. Work areas – senior researcher on food safety, nutrition and public health.

Pedagogical work: Assistant professor of Health studies at the University of Maribor. Mentor and co-mentor.

Research work: Focused on exposure assessment for chemical contaminants in food, on food consumption and nutrition intake at the population level, on food reformulation and on evaluation of dietary public health measures. Member of European and national research projects, member of national research programme “Nutrition and Public Health” and mentor to young researcher

Additional responsibilities: Member of the Advisory Forum of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and its Scientific Networks on Novel Food and Food Consumption Data. Member of National food reformulation working group at the Ministry of Health and a member of the National Board for Food Safety at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.